Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last day of 2013

It has been a really long time since I last logged into my blog and type something. 

It has been an amazing 2013 for me! So many first times in my life! 

My 2012 ended with a batch New Year's eve party at Zhen Qiang's place, and then we welcomed 2013 together back in Seremban. That was because we were preparing for EOS 9. (Seriously? This felt like it was just yesterday!) Then, on my Jan 1st, my girls (Esther and Li Teng) and I went to have chee cheong fun near Esther's house because we were supposed to discuss past years after breakfast (studying on New Years? Yucks!)

I am thankful to have made through EOS 9, then went on to Batu Pahat for 5 months. It was a bitter sweet place. I stayed with friends (LT, Sak and Mesan). I am used to staying with LT, but new housemates were fun too. I am in my room most of the time. I also tried to exercise more. I ate lots of maggi noodles too. I try to go home every weekend. My great bf stayed with me in Batu Pahat most of the time, because he was going to go off to US soon. 

I also travelled to many places because he was there for me most of the time. We went to Malacca at least twice in 5 months! We went to Legoland, Johor Premium Outlet and Singapore!! The greatest thing of all for the trips? He always has a plan, and my task? To choose the place I would like to stay and enjoy! I remember how we decided we would stay in long distance relationship for 7 years. I will just stay in Malaysia to complete my housemanship, medical officer and then pray for a specialization. How will can I ever dream about USMLE? I hate exams, obviously I cannot do OBA. 

He left on June 7th, and I stayed strong for the next few months for EOS 10. Semester 10 was a torture mainly because I have to portray the ugly side of me - getting cases I want without caring much for others. I think I have made more enemies than friends, and lost friends along the way. But deep down, I am still the caring doctor - I was given the task to care for a palliative care patient by visiting her home, listen to her, talk to her, make her happy. Although she is gone now, I know I have never failed to make her comfortable and I have no regrets. 

Completing medical school was the biggest achievement in 2013! Then I also experienced teaching (when I thought teaching was never my thing), I actually like it! I also did marketing before I came to US. Now, I am unemployed (and hope to get employed in 2014/15). I flew alone to Tucson in October. Besides Tucson, I have only been to San Franscisco and Pheonix. The short 1 week in SF was one of my happiest moment in 2013! In the US, I shopped like a crazy woman just because online shopping is so convenient and Thanksgiving sales was madness! 

I had many first times in Tucson - going to Walmart, driving on the opposite side of the road, Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving sales, having my own Christmas tree, shopping for presents, anticipating Christmas to come because I want to see my presents and getting to know Dr Lee and family was my ultimate blessing! 

I hope my results will turn out to be good and sufficient to apply for what I want. That is all I want for 2014, besides staying healthy and happy. 

Goodbye 2013, you have been great and I thank you for that. Please let me have a amazing 2014! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

HAPPY 21st! :)

Milers committee members

Movie outing at The Curve

At the Milers first meeting peak

HAPPY AWESOME 21st, Kevin Kwan! :)

It's been 4 years that I know you, and all these while, you have been a very very awesome friend to me! Whether when you're being my leader or just peer, you're just so understanding and not demanding. All in all, thank you for withstanding my 'princess' behaviour at times and when I annoy you. :)

Friend forever, alright, birthday boy? :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have abandoned my blog for 3 months. -.-"

Well, in short, nothing much has happened in my life. There are due dates for everything, rushing and stressing to finish what I should finish. Set a stronger mindset in myself, that nothing is greater than my own will power to succeed.

I just feel like using Bahasa Melayu today. Lol. So, here's something I haven't done in a long time.

Tatkala di anjung pintu,
Langit yang biru,
Pokok yang hijau,
Burung-burung berterbangan,
Betapa lama sudahku abaikanmu.

Udara yang dihirup;
kadang-kala segar,
kadang-kala mual rasanya.
Entah, takdir yang menentukan semua,
atau pilihan di tanganku.

Di persimpangan,
Ku berdiri berseorangan,
Memandang ke kiri,
ke kanan,
utara, selatan, barat, timur;
tiada jawapan untukku.

Sukar, sangat sukar,
dan berat pikulanku;
apakah segalanya sudah diaturkan,
atau masih perlukanku untuk membuat pilihan;
tapiku, bencikan kuasa memilih,
ia menyedihkan,
ia menyeksakan,
tapi mungkin membahagiakan jua.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hi after such a long time! No, I am not dead- yet.

Currently munching on Twister (Sour cream and onion) and stalking other people's page on facebook.

Life has been as usual. There is times where it is filled with only the sweet memories, sometimes, sour and sometimes, I don't even want to open my eyes. I know, you must be thinking - 'but I always see See Wei smiling and laughing, has she ever felt upset before?'

The truth is, I do. I do get very sad. I do get very angry. I do get very annoyed. It is just that I choose to laugh it off, for the best result- everyone is happy then. What is the point of showing others your sad face or angry face? You won't do any good, you might even be hurting other people's feelings.
I believe in what I have learnt, and to apply:
In any situation, if you cannot do any good for others, then do no harm.

I am trying to improve on my surprising people's skills. I just fail almost every time, except for yesterday's dinner for my boyfriend's 22nd! :) I am improving! Just give me some time. Hee

Surely enough, everyday I will pray that I have the luck to only stay in my happy bubble. I don't even want anyone/ anything to be able to penetrate through and hurt me in any ways.

I really want to live in a happy bubble forever, free from worriness.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is it!


After this we are all in Semester 5! That's a more crazy semester to think about it.

Good times really tick tock away quickly. :(

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

towards the end

Hi! I know it has been a long time since I last update. But, I am sure, no one comes and read my blog anymore tho.

Many many weeks ago, I just started my new semester, which many calls it a honeymoon semester. I cannot deny the fact that it is like one! Look at the amount of unfinished notes from the first day of lecture until now. Sighs. And, now, Summative for Semester 4 is in 15 days! :(

I don't want this 'honeymoon' semester to end so fast. It has been all good, except for the fact that I need to drive to uni everyday at super annoying timing (4-630pm)! Deng. It has been all good because I am much closer to Say Yee and Rui Yi, which both has been a very great friend and fun to me! And also, the newly created Eternity Metres.

I really do not want this semester to pass so quickly! :(

Renal week 2. oh Gosh!

2nd International conference to attend from Thurs- Sunday. Sounds fun! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the beginning of year 2010- semester 4

End of semester break is coming to an end.

Things around are not changing much, perhaps then I should be proactive and change myself.

Things that will be different:
1. My lecture hours is the time which I nap everyday! (4pm- 630pm)
2. My boyfriend won't be around to assist me in everything I do. :(
3. I know a few of my PBL group mates.
4. There's 4 new systems to swallow for Summative 4.
5. I won't be eating much lunch outside; therefore I hope I will be able to save some money.
6. I am sure, I won't be going home as late as I used to.
7. I won't be a library furniture too.

I hate changes.

I lose faith easily when it comes to changes like this. I am what I am, and now I have to get used to the new environment. :(

Well, all in all, I will still continue my hobby - sell clothes to make girls look great with reasonable prices clothes! *click here*. Come visit!

Please God, give me strength to pull through year 2010.
Please provide me a little of the courage from the Tiger, as this is a Tiger year. Thank you.